Setting my Intention

 I can't possibly begin this post without noting my more than 30 day absence from this space. I'm still sewing and dyeing and teaching and, hopefully, selling, but I'm not writing as much as I should. Why? There's inevitably a multitude of reasons, but, if I look at it honestly I see that it comes down to two things: good quality pictures and prioritizing writing.

I can't always take the kind of beautifully styled pictures I want and, unlike an operation that has an in-house photographer, I can't assign that task to someone else. But, I can prioritize writing as a daily practice ( I do a lot of yoga and that phrase, daily practice, is so typical yoga-speak). Yet, despite its potential new age bent , I'm drawn to that word. It implies that perfection is not only unattainable, but undesirable. The point, the goal, is to keep trying, to stay curious about the possibilities, and keep practicing, all the time knowing that you'll never be done and don't really want to be. Isn't that the way we should approach making if not life in general? 

Another oft-repeated yoga term is "setting an intention". It refers to a goal, sometimes small like remaining present in the moment, sometimes more lofty as in cultivating joy, but always simple and clear. I enjoy beginning my yoga practice with an intention and I'd like to do that for my writing practice as well. 

So, here it is: 7 days of blog posts. I should say 7 consecutive days of blog posts.

My dad, a retired doctor, often recommended as he prescribed a medicine that his patients take an initial double dose to kick-start the healing process. In that spirit I'm starting my practice with a similar immersion. Starting today.

I can't guarantee pictures. I can't guarantee great prose, but what I will guarantee is I will appear in this space everyday between today, March 27, through Saturday, April 3.

What will I write about? What pictures will I post. I don't know...exactly. But, I do have a new quilt slated to be finished by Wednesday and I'm always making fabric and I'm in the midst of adding paper patterns to my store and considering what workshops to offer in my studio(feel free to chime in on this). I also have questions and concerns about how much time servicing social media takes up daily (especially ironic considering my just-stated intention) and maybe a few interesting and craft-related stories. Also, I've still to write about my experience vending at QuiltCon last month. In other words, if I take the time, if I prioritize writing the way I do making, I have plenty to say.