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I love intentionally misspelling words like that. Why? I don’t even know. Maybe because it always makes me think of my uncle who, when he visited here from Israel, would lament that he couldn’t understand the desire to intentionally misspell words like “nite” in signage and advertisements. It baffled him why things that have a correct spelling would appear in the public domain misspelled. So, in that vein (vane, vain, veighn), let me fill you in on today’s newz as well as what you can expect this next week.

Today, I’m featuring a review of a wonderful new book, published by Interweave/F&W Media, that features a bunch of inventive, fun, and beautiful projects for the bedroom culled from the pages of STITCH magazine.

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The cover of Best Of STITCH, Beautiful Bedrooms includes a little blurb that reads, ” 20 sewing projects for a good night’s sleep.” I like that, cute and prescriptive.

As someone who’s initials are MD and am therefore qualified to dispense medical advice, I recommend a glass of warm milk and making several of these projects to aid in any sleep issues.

Also, when you see the terrific projects in this book you’ll understand that the nightly tossing and turning is because you haven’t made one of these:

lily pillows

or these:

velvet yo yo pillow

or these:

dare to be different quilt

Quilts and pillows are pretty standard fare for books focusing on bedroom-based projects, but Beautiful Bedrooms includes more “personal” items as well, bedroom slippers, an eye mask, even a cute nightie and robe. And the projects all seem very accessible and doable. You and I could both make these items.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I have a couple of projects in Beautiful Bedrooms including this one, an all-time personal favorite.

twinkle coverlet 2

But, you know which is may very favoritist project in the whole book?

morrocan pouf

It’s called a Moroccan Pouf and I want to make at least three. And not just for my bedroom.

So, my recommendation is that you all take two aspirin and get this book and make the pouf. Or, if don’t want to make the pouf, make some other project or just enjoy the book for its eye candy value.

Other Newz:
Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 2.12.43 PM

The Klee’s Trees pattern is set to be released this Wednesday, May 7, 2014, both here in it’s downloadable PDF version and in my store as an emailed PDF. So (sew) excited to be sharing this with you all!

Also, this Wednesday I’ll announce the winners of the Modern Patchwork giveaway!

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