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Mod ovals in progress 04232014

New is great, isn’t it? It’s fresh and clean and, well, new. But, you know what’s pretty great too? Stuff that’s not so new, that’s familiar and comfortable and you feel like you can count on it.

So, much as I am loving my new space, it feels pretty great to post my latest segment of “What I’m Working on Wednesday” because, hey, even though I haven’t been writing that feature all that long, it’s still not new. It’s more like an old friend who has come to visit.

So, I’ll offer up a cup of tea and a gander at what is new in my studio this week:

modern ovals in progress 04222014 Mod ovals in progress 04232014 I’m developing this pattern based on a fabric design that I created years ago. I turned that fabric into a pillow and it lives on my couch. For years I’ve walked by it and thought it would make a great quilt block, but I just couldn’t seem to figure out how to craft the ovals and to create what I called a half dark/half light block. That is until the other day.

My sudden inspiration reminded me of a story my mom told me a few years ago. It was her habit for many years to pen a poem in honor of a grandchild’s birthday. She is blessed with 6 of them, so 6 times a year she would write a poem focused on that child and print it on a card. My mom would say that all her verses came to her while she was taking a bath. One year, she wrote one of my girls a particularly lovely and lengthy birthday poem and when I asked her if that was difficult, she replied, ” Yes, I had to take a lot of baths to come up with that one.”

I don’t get my inspiration in the bathtub. I’m more of a shower person, but I definitely understand the concept of ideas just coming to you at the most random times.

How about you? Where or when do you get your best ideas?


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