Welcome, Wilkomenn, ברוכים הבאים, Bienvenu

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Just wanted to take a moment to welcome everyone to my new website. It has been a work in progress for months and I’m over-the-moon happy with how it’s turned out.

Here you’ll find links to much of my work, info about what’s new for a stitch in dye, links to some of the places both online and otherwise where we can connect, and free and for purchase sewing patterns. And so much more. I’ve got loads planned for the future and this new space will be a wonderful vehicle to fill you all in on as well as stay connected to our wonderfully crafty online community.

One thing that remains constant with my previous blog though is my commitment to include lots of visuals in my posts. To that end, I thought I’d share with you a pillow I recently finished. If you’ve been following my blog lately, the image will be somewhat familiar, but I’ve made a few changes to the pattern.

First off I set the “trees” against a black background. I knew I wanted the quilting stitched to be more apparent, so black seemed a good choice to accomplish that. Also, and I only noticed this after I made the piece and lived with it a few days, it reminds me of Amish quilts and their dark backgrounds. In addition, I lengthened the “trunk” of the tree, partly in response to a comment I received on my blog and partly because it allowed me to simplify the block.

I was impatient to see a finished product, so opted to finish the blocks into a pillow top. I have at least one more variation of this rattling around in my head, but probably won’t get to that before I release the first version of this pattern. That’s definitely my ongoing problem/struggle, the ‘what about this” voice that plants all sorts of new ideas in my head. Maybe I should drink more wine while I’m working? Strictly in the interest of staying focused, of course.

by Malka

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