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charlie loves modern patchwork

charlie loves modern patchwork

And says way more than, “Woof, woof!”

You know the saying, “on the internet nobody knows you’re a dog,”? Well, I am a dog, on the internet or otherwise. But I’m a dog who loves quilts. My favorite part? They smell good.

charlie smells quilt

Almost as much as I love smelling quilts, I love reading about them. Lucky for me, the lady I live with seems to bring in a steady supply of quilting books and magazines to satisfy my needs. Why, just yesterday, the folks at Modern Patchwork sent her copies of the Spring issue. How great is that? Apparently she has a quilt in there. A colorful quilt crafted with some of the fabrics she created for her most recent line for Moda Fabrics, From Outside In.

I’ll take her word for it that it’s colorful because to me it looks like this:

how charlie sees the quilt

She claims it looks more like this:

quilt in magazine

In the interest of humoring her, I’ll play along. After all, she does buy my dog food.

Either way, I’m just happy to have more beautiful and potentially aromatic quilts and quilted projects to look at and the Spring issue of Modern Patchwork is filled with them.

Curious to see for yourself? She (the dog food buying lady) says that she will give away 2 copies of the magazine to 2 lucky winners. Just leave a comment at the end of this post and she’ll announce the winners in a few days.

All are eligible, including folks who have cats!

by Malka

27 thoughts on “Guest Post :: Charlie-Tucker Speaks

  1. Sandy Cooper says:

    I am so glad that I can see these fabrics in full glorious color!! Sorry, Charlie-Tucker. The quilt also looks like a fun project.

  2. Karen B says:

    I have a cat and a tortoise. I love imagining what they would say when narrating my life. (If they were ever interested enough in my life to think about it beyond, “Where is that lady with the food?”)

  3. Karen F says:

    I am a four-cat person who lives in NE Iowa. I wait eagerly for each new post and really am enjoying the new website. I am constantly inspired by you and just today I saw some of your commercial fabrics at my local quilt store. They are gorgeous! I have your batik book and am gathering supplies to try it out your way!

  4. Melissa G. says:

    Beautiful quilt. And I am sure our Collie, Brodie, would agree. Especially nice to curl up in while watching reruns of “Lassie.” Yes, our dog watches TV.

  5. Margie W says:

    How about a Meggie dog and Indy and Inka wild child cats who would love their mom to have some new inspiration? :-) Love all of your work! Currently, I’m making an I Spy quilt alternating squares of your Simple Marks Summer line with the I Spy object squares that I’ve collected. Such fun! Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Sue says:

    I have dog hair on most of my quilts even though she doesn’t sleep on them. It just drifts around the house. Love your colors.

  7. Melodie Lee says:

    Love the quilt, love the magazine, (btw congrats on that!), but the dog is just sublime. Why, he writes almost as proficiently as a cat, and we all know what blue-stockings they are. You are truly blessed with such an accomplished dog!

    Best, Melodie

  8. Pattij says:

    I REALLY love this quilt! I’m a dog person too with 2 cats who love my quilts, but working on getting a new dog soon!

  9. Nanci says:

    Looks to me that Charlie Tucker is a very lucky dog…just like my grand -dog!!I especially like the picture of Charlie on the couch looking out the window! Love your latest quilt & congrats on the magazine.. would love to win the mag..
    Grand-dog send her best, out there to Charlie.

  10. Nancy Gilliam says:

    Oh, my border collie loves it when I sew. He sits underneath the machine table and knocks the cord out of the plug at the most in opportune times. He loves your fabric too!

  11. Carole Lee says:

    I love your new fabrics and like Charlie Tucker, I also like the smell of a quilt, can’t you just smell the love?

  12. Kelly Wilson says:

    I have 4 cats. 1 helps me sew by making sure the needle is going into the fabric – from about 2 inches away. The other 3 help test the fabric/quilt at various stages of development. Thanks for the opportunity! notwendy gmail

  13. Piran Labradoodle says:

    Hi Charlie-Tucker. I am the studio dog of Annette Kirstine Designs. I love it when our humans create something new because it makes them happy, and as their fur-babies we just want them to be happy and to fuss us more. Glad to see you are helping out testing the quilts and the books. Got to go back to sleep now so that Mrs Human can have her computer back and get on with designing Christmas fabrics in April. Piran x

  14. Lee Anne says:

    What doggy wisdom….I agree with him….quilts give off a great “vibe”….as always I love your designs! Would love to try my hand at the pattern!

  15. Barbara says:

    We have a dog at our house who is also interested in quilts. She likes to eat fabric. Lucky for me, and her, it has never been a part of a finished quilt.

  16. AnnMarie says:

    We just aquired one of our daughter’s cats and Clyde (female) was raised in quilts that I’ve made. She feels totally at home with my quilts here in her new home. I’d love a new magazine!

  17. Mary Kasavich says:

    Hi Charlie-Tucker! My cat Becky likes to sleep on anything that is a) handmade b) freshly ironed or c) recently laundered. I have seen her wait anxiously for a new quilt to pop out of the dryer so that she can give it a good snuggle. Keep your “feeder” happy so she can continue to create wonderful fabrics for all of us!

  18. Tina Short says:

    Our Westies, Daisy and Skye, love my quilts and often when I’m in my sewing room Daisy is under the table, covered in threads and trimmings….which then get trailed right through the house! Dogs are part of our family and we wouldnt be without them.

  19. Laura G says:

    It is very good to have furry friends approve your quilts. Thank you (lady who buys the dog food)for the contest.

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