Instagram Inspiration

For a while now I've pondered the idea of how I can "craft" my instagram feed, that is the entirety of the images I post there. I came to this question because I wanted to create something beautiful and, frankly, something that would help me promote my work in an attractive and interesting way. 

Like most folks on instagram I began with just posting whatever was new. Images of fabrics, quilt designs, and finished creations comprised the bulk of my feed. Lately though I've wanted to do something more, something different. 

To that end, I did a bit of research, looking at a range of feeds and asking myself why they do or do not appeal to me and have found one essential ingredient that all the feeds I'm drawn to have in common: cohesiveness.

Each of the feeds I'm about to mention have pictures that all "hang" together. 

For instance, take a gander at @local_milk. It's easy to pinpoint the palette of this feed, a soft gray with bits of color interspersed. The images primarily focus on simple, domestic scenes and many of the pictures are taken from above or at a close distance. 

Compare that with this feed, @emfratson. I love both feeds and they're equally effective and attractive, but for different reasons. There's a broader range of colors here, though all the images still have a similar color feel. Additionally, there's a greater variety of subject matter among the images in this feed.

I'd invite you to check out those two as well as these, @nikoleherriott, @runnerkimhall, and @sundaysuppers.

Though I'm still working on mine, thinking about my feed and looking back on it has given me an opportunity to re-discover some images.

Some of which are very obviously related to my work:

Others say more about what makes me smile.

And some that can only be labeled, "For the Love of Charlie".

It wasn't until I did the review that I discovered these three themes and, I think, as I work on unifying my feed, I hope to maintain a focus on these three types of images.

If you all have recommendations for instagram feeds that inspire you and you think might inspire me or others, please, leave a comment here and share the beauty.